CSA is a way for farmers and customers to make a direct connection.  Customers go out of their way to join a CSA.  Customers become CSA members and get the freshest produce.  Farmers get guaranteed sales and shared risk.  Together, CSA members and farmers build farms through direct investment.

CSA members are exposed to new produce and get vegetables they wouldn’t usually buy at the market or pick up at the store.  This can be challenging but is also part of the point.  As CSA customers, we want produce that local farms want to grow, not what sells at the super-market.  CSA members are partners in the farm.

At Pork Hill Farm, CSA members are involved with the farm by work-share, volunteering, and supporting the farm.  Together, we create local options and build our local food economy.

Community Supported Agriculture


45 Pork Hill Road

Ossipee, NH 03864